Saturday 7 January 2017

Ten best colours for your living room

A living room establishes the personality of the home and colour is a vital aspect of it. For instance, wallpaper with green scenic motifs tells a story of a nature-lover and a subdued shade of mauve on the wall tells a tale of a gentle soul. You are the colours you choose.  

Deck your room with the timeless beige.

Use shades of beige – it spells classiness. Accents of other hues go a long way to accentuate the beige. Why not be bold and opt for dark purple accents on textured, tussled cushions? Or throw in splashes of green with potted crotons at select corners! 

Say it with mint! 

Mint is a contemporary colour. If you want to give your space a rustic twist then say it with jute. Try jute on tea-poys. A jute artifact on the wall will also do the job. 

A tripod lamp with a walnut finish gives more dimension to the room!

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A dose of fuchsia to wake up to 

If you’re fond of the browns and greys then ensure your living room is not broody. Give that icky living space a pop of bright colour.

 Fuschia is a good choice as long as you don’t spew the colour everywhere. Just a trace of it on the vase, a table cloth or cushion offers the needed depth. On second thoughts, why not shop for brightly coloured crotons? 

You don’t need a home overlooking a shore. Just opt for the greens. 

It’s the most bountiful colour in nature. However, blending the right shades of greens is an overwhelming task. Pale chalky greens work with whites, vanilla and duskier pink shades. Imagine a space with a muted green wall with dusky pink accessories! If you pick a bright, zesty green as the dominant colour then play with fun patterns on the cushions. 

The understated grey

Though grey is not my thing, I admit it looks lovely with warm undertones. An overdose of grey makes a space cold and dispassionate. Ensure you flaunt happy photographs or a bright painting on the wall to have the room tell a story.  

Ivory, pure and creamy 

Ivory is known to make smaller rooms look spacey and wide. Use mirrors to reinforce the effect of Ivory. To add a little bit of drama use doses of bronze. The metallic hue has a sheen other colours can’t beat. 

Lavenders for smoothness 

How often have you seen homes where interiors look laboured? Quite so often. When you have chosen Lavender as the colour of your wall, you lessen the risk to a great extent. It’s one of nature’s smoothest colours.  Greys and lavenders are a classic combination. Ask you decorator to attest it! 

Drama with deep plum 

Smart choice as this is a versatile colour. Shades of orange complement it hugely. You will also be doing a great thing by dusting the metallic flower vases and getting them out of the attics to put them to good use. Also, why not pair up the deep plum base with a brocaded, murky orange curtain or a rustic orange lamp? 

Go royal with purple

A monochromatic living space is all about smartly using the shades of the same colour to create a calm, livable space. Stick to one shade of purple to create a base – it can be the colour of the wall. Then, have fun as you conjure a purple-play in the rest of the room.

Make a statement with the reds 

Red is sexy, bold and dangerous. But using too much of bright red can make the room look aggressive. Consider ochre or a muted tone over too much of crimson - it adds warmth. Interestingly, red, an advancing colour, looks closer than it is. It works well to deck up a long room to have it look square.
As we let you go, we have a word of advice. Colours are an important aspect of our lifestyle. Choose wisely. Complimentary colours occur on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. When you choose a pair of them is when you need a professional designer to leverage the choice.


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