Saturday 7 January 2017

For now, we move on

Dancing Fashion Woman wearing Blowing Long Chiffon Dress. Fashion Art Fantasy Collage. Sand Fairy

The lush green leaves let go of the last raindrops taking in the newly risen sun.
The warm sunshine hits my face as I squeeze my eyes shut looking out of the car window.
Just then, my phone rings and I grope the insides of my pink handbag.
Each time my phone rings, my heart skips a beat thinking it’s you.  
When I turn out lucky, my heart settles into an infinite calm wanting to cease the moment.

We have been together through centuries....lifetimes.
We cuddled lying on the sand dunes of lonely deserts.
We dodged rifle shots on war-ridden fields holding each other’s hands,
holding on to a glimmer of hope that we may just be able to see through the war.
On other times, we walked shoulder-to-shoulder braving the cruel, cold streets looking for a shelter.

My soul knows this and more.
These are the glimpses of truth your heart refused to see.
Yet, I let you move on as I grieved.

I still smell our coffee conversations at melancholic corners of the café.
Amidst teak tables, sturdy chairs and candy-coloured, used cool drink straws.
Everyday, I briskly stroll from one table to another taking orders relentlessly.
The crisp white, starched uniform chokes me but not as much as the thought of you does.

One day, I hope you walk in to sip coffee albeit with your lovely lady.
For now, we move on.
Goodbye till we meet again in another land, in a different era.

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